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Anyone who is interested in becoming one of the more well-known motorcycle racers in France, must first determine which type of racing best suits him. Consider the fact that each racing type requires a different skill set. For example, long distance races require endurance training, while short track races require you to be in complete control. It really boils down to your training and your willingness to go above and beyond to become safe and competitive at the same time. Here are some types of motorcycle races that you’ll find in France.

Long distance races, like the 24-hours of Le Mans, require you to stay focused at all times. This race has been in existence since 1978, and it puts true endurance to the test. You are allowed to practice for the race in the days leading up to the weekend event, but no amount of practice can truly prepare you for such a long race if you do not train ahead of time. Working out is a big part of the equation, and your mind must be sharp as well. Long distance racers are patient, and they know that they need to pace themselves if they hope to be in the mix toward the end of the race.

Short track French motorcycle racing is another popular form. It usually involves to racers going side-by-side to see who can achieve the fastest time on a straight short track. This requires fast-twitch reflexes, and intense focus. Since the racers attain high rates of speed quickly, then there is a high potential for something to go wrong. It is, however, extremely exciting to take part in because it provides the ultimate adrenaline rush in the process. Road courses are entertaining as well, but they require the racer to use all of his skills in order to be the winner, and to do so with safety in mind. Road courses feature tight turns and high rates of speed down the straight sections of the track.

You must have the right gear for racing, regardless of the type of race you choose. This includes a safety helmet, protective gear like leather to prevent road rash, and gloves to prevent sweat or rain from causing a tragic slip during high rates of speed. Once you do determine the type of racing that is right for you, then make every effort to practice in order to become the best.